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Business Challenge

We focus on managing the human aspect of change, piecing together strategy and objectives with people, to deliver results for your organisation.

Sector Expertise

We have a breadth and depth of experience across the automotive, energy and aerospace sectors with demonstrable results in improving business performance.

Why Fabrica?

We are passionate about people and performance and want to share our experience and expertise with other organisations to help them become more successful.

Making the connection between engaged and empowered employees and commercial success

Fabrica challenges businesses to develop, empower and value their leaders and teams to deliver their business goals.

We inspire and encourage organisations to think differently about the challenges they face, and help to overcome these through strategy, people and collaboration.

We cover a broad spectrum of business programmes, all involving people, so this can include communications, culture change, engagement and organisation change – linking everything up with the commercial business plan.

Using our expertise, we assess business situations, devise strategies and develop frameworks to deliver measurable solutions to organisational challenges.

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Sarah Edwards

“Working in partnership with a cross functional team of senior leaders, Sarah developed a variety of creative communication solutions designed to bring our workforce closer together”

Leonie Williams, Transformation Director, Aviation