Teambuilding: Creating a common purpose


Strengthen and develop effectiveness of senior nursing team.


Deliver 1:1 psychometric-based coaching; design and facilitate teambuilding workshop to focus on team relationships and interdependencies, problem and conflict resolution and overall team effectiveness.


Enhanced self awareness and understanding of individual impact on others; common purpose defined and agreed; team values and behaviours identified with clear framework for measurement; roles and responsibilities more clearly understood; performance through emotional and behavioural change established.

Clear common purpose
Team Values and Behaviours
Performing through emotional and behavioural change

Client Testimonial

"I have worked as a senior leader in a number of organisations that utilised coaches to strengthen and develop teams. Sarah is unique in this field. She takes the time to listen, understand and discuss the needs of the individual and the team and use her knowledge and skill to bring the best out in individuals. Her approach builds self awareness and confidence and she delivered results in my team that I did not think possible."

Deputy Chief Nursing Officer - Private Healthcare

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    Confidence building
    Career development
    Coaching and facilitation
    Myers Briggs psychometrics
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