Personal Coaching: Building confidence


Strengthen confidence and build five-year career plan 


Created a safe and trusted environment for open and honest conversation; provided a supportive yet challenging sounding board to enable clarity around vision; interpreted and coached on individual strengths to heighten self-awareness and understanding


Significant increase in confidence; breadth and depth of capability realised; five-year vision and career path established with milestones identified; network defined, categorised and actioned; new role secured

Confidence rocketed
Strengths-based coaching
New role secured

Client Testimonial

"I would never have had the confidence or felt so secure in my decision making without Sarah's coaching and support. She makes you feel at ease instantly, giving you the confidence to really open up and challenge yourself. Sarah is thoughtful, understanding and a fantastic coach. She is amazing!"

Head of Human Performance - Manchester Institute of Health and Performance (MIHP)

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    Strengths-based coaching
    Career development
    Confidence building
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    Health and Performance