What does a consultant mean to me?

There are lots of stereotypical views of being a consultant but that doesn’t help you understand my approach to working with you.

It goes back to my passion for building relationships, making those connections and joining up the dots. That makes it sound so very simple, if only it were true!

I am often described as a bit of a chameleon, with the benefit of all the positive attributes. I can fit into your culture; I can merge into your team, but I also know when I just need to be myself!

Consultancy by Fabrica

I encourage open communication and although I’m happy to quiz you with probing questions, it’s also about listening carefully, building rapport and gaining trust. Solid foundations for all involved.

My work with you is done when together we’ve created a sustainable solution that you and your team can independently move forward with. A happy ending, a conclusion, but never a closed door!


For some of the more detailed information about sectors and services, please take a look at my case studies.


"Build a strong foundation and you can reach even the most unthinkable heights"

M J Moores